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HERE WAS A KNOCK on the door of photojournalist Rick Falco's tiny motel room. He opened it to find 3 figures dressed in black. Their leader spoke: "Come with us."

THE STORY BEGAN weeks earlier when, piqued by a New York Times article on Wicca, Falco contacted one of the religion's High Priests in Salem, Mass.

A MEETING OF ELDERS was called. The purpose: to decide whether Falco should be allowed to photograph the wiccan community.
  THE DECISION was not unanimous, but some agreed to let Falco in. "Unless you can connect," he says, "you can not take good pictures. You have to let them into your world before they let you into theirs."

SOON HE HAD developed a rapport with the Wiccans, who allowed him inside their "sacred circle" where he was witness to private ceremonies and even an initiation - events Falco says "no outsider has on film."
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