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HRISTOPHER MORRIS dropped down in Yugoslavia as soon as he heard the news that Croatia had declared their independence. Even though he was experienced in frontline photography, he soon came to realize that "the situation in Yugoslavia was more dangerous than anything I had ever gotten myself into."

ONE NIGHT WHILE driving through Serbian territory after dark, Morris was shadowed by a black Mercedes: "When we got to a wooded area - where a camera crew had disappeared two weeks earlier - the Mercedes cut us off."
  THREE MEN WITH AK-47s pulled Morris out of his car and threw him to the ground. "They cocked their guns, pointed them to our heads, and accused us of being Croatian spies." They ripped through his passport and bags for evidence.

"LUCKILY, we had rejected the Croation press cards that had been issued to many photojournalists," remembers Morris uneasily, "One wrong turn could put you where you did not want to be."
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