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RIMITIVE RITUALS, exotic drugs, and high-priced human skulls. David Howard never imagined he would see such sights until a mysterious woman approached him in a Philippines café, offering to show him the country's savage side. Hesitant but looking for adventure, he agreed.

EN ROUTE to the primitive Kalinga villages, his guide confessed that even she was afraid to venture into their territory. The Kalinga were known as violent warriors, executing eye-for-an-eye vendettas against trespassers.
  LUCKILY Howard arrived during the "passage into manhood" celebration, and the Kalinga were in marvelous spirits. Howard was invited to join the celebration. Afraid to decline, he feasted alongside the Kalinga, consuming raw meat, euphoric betel nuts, and hashish.

THE SERIES OF COINCIDENCES - his surprise guide, the tribal celebration - that brought him to the Kalinga people convinced Howard that " a man's life and work are part of a larger plan in which nothing happens by accident or error."
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