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HOTOGRAPHER Herman Kokojan, whose career as a military photographer culminated with a Pulitzer Prize nomination for his photographs depicting the Viet Cong release of American POWs, often worked as an activist from within.

KOKOJAN'S BRILLIANCE comes not only from his keen eye, but from his critical mind. Although he passed away in 1991, his file at Black Star is littered with tiny scraps of paper and memos he had written throughout the years.
  KOKOJAN WAS ALWAYS on the lookout for what he called "make or break" stories: essays that would expose an injustice or crime. Most topics carried his signature gung-ho bent, like "Death Over The Berlin Wall", and "Oklahoma Crop Killers."

A TEXAS-BORN REBEL, Kokojan used his inside connections to photograph the changing face of the armed forces. His stories, like this one from Newsweek, helped bolster public approval for women in the military during the early 80s.
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