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HOTOGRAPHER Cheryl Sheridan was fast asleep when the 7.6 magnitude earthquake hit Taipei.

THINKING QUICKLY, she grabbed her camera and headed toward the epicenter where a 12-story building had collapsed. "My first thought was that it did not look that bad, but then I realized that I was only seeing the top five floors and the rest of the building had collapsed."

CATASTROPHE REIGNED. Phone and power lines were out all across the city.
  LUCKILY SHE FOUND a one-hour lab that was still operational. "My other stroke of luck was that I had power at my office. I believe this was because I am close to the Taipei World Trade Center. This meant that I could scan and transmit photos."

IT WASN'T UNTIL after the frenzy of covering the news had subsided that she realized how lucky she really was: "The destruction, death, and grief were overwhelming. I felt relieved that I could leave and go home if I chose, but almost guilty that I could."
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