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AVID McINTYRE follows one rule in photography: "If everybody else is there, find someplace else to be." He was harshly reminded of this rule when he tried to gain access to cover the 2000 Olympics.

"I STARTED to look into covering the games, and found out that it was too late to apply." McIntyre's misfortune became a blessing in disguise when he discovered the Paralympics. "It clicked that this is what I would really want to do. Many of the normal Olympians get much press, but not so with the Paralympians."
  McINTYRE WAS SOON singing a new catch-phrase: "I am going to cover the athletes with less fame, but bigger hearts."

THE EXPERIENCE proved rewarding. Not only were the events inspiring, they reinforced his old rule. With so much space afforded to media compared to the regular games, he found it was easier to cover many events per day without having to get there early to stake out a position.
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