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HEN HARALD HENDEN hit the combat zone in the Middle East, he expected to find himself neck- deep in danger. What he did not expect was to find himself as a bullseye for target practice.

"I WAS PHOTOGRAPHING a wounded boy when the Israelis fired in my direction. The bullet hit me in the back of the head, and I went straight down. I bled pretty badly, but was stitched up in a Palestinian hospital in Ramallah."
  THE BULLET, luckily, was rubber. The rumor among the press corps, however, was concrete: an order had been sent for snipers to "take out" journalists. Within days, dozens of other photographers followed in Henden's footsteps, some being injured quite seriously.

HENDEN IS NOW back on his beat, and these dramatic photos of the clash are evidence of his close encounters on the Gaza Strip.
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