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OUR FIRST INSTINCT is to run away. But the pictures are not away from it - they are in it." Steve Shelton ignored his fear and pushed against the flow of panicked civilians clawing to escape the mayhem and skin-searing tear gas that hung in a mushroom cloud over downtown Seattle.

THE TENSION surrounding the World Trade Organization conference had been mounting for days, and sensing a riot, Shelton pulled out a gas mask he had bought while covering the Middle East a few years earlier.
  THE GAS MASK came in handy as pandemonium broke loose. Riot police hit the scene. Tear gas canisters were volleyed back and forth like hot potatoes, and Shelton could feel the stinging gas seeping beneath his mask.

"YOU HAVE TO FOCUS. There is a flow you have to be in. Like the waves and swells in the ocean. You have to be aware of what is around you. The sea of people. The rhythm. You stay on top by keeping your wits. It lasts a few minutes and then it is over, but it is those few minutes that you're supposed to capture on film."
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