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ONRAD EIGER WAS ONE of a dozen or so New York area photographers working for Black Star during the 1940s and 50s. Since the sale of photo essays was the agency's lifeblood, photographers were always on the beat for potential stories.

MOST PUBLICATIONS were interested in the "Slice Of Life" style essays, and Eiger shot dozens covering topics such as "Accidents In The Home", "A Day At The Post Office", and "Backyard Commandos".
  EIGER'S ESSAYS captured daily life with whitewashed innocence - a style lost altogether by the 60s when, to compete with television, the trends in photojournalism accelerated toward the sensational.

THE PHOTOGRAPHS HERE, from an essay originally titled "Bobby-Sock Journalists", are quintessential Golden Age Americana - a small sampling of the thousands of long-forgotten slices of life in our archives.
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